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Detailed, Results-Oriented Defense Against DUI and DWI Charges

At Missan Law Offices, located in Reading, PA, our skilled attorney has extensive experience as a former prosecutor in the Bronx area and as a former Assistant District Attorney in Berks County.


We are familiar with how prosecutors work and understand how to expose the weaknesses in a criminal case. With this knowledge, we will aggressively defend you against DUI charges.

In Pennsylvania, the law considers three different levels of intoxication (0.08 - 0.099 blood alcohol content (BAC), 0.10 - 0.159 BAC, and above 0.16 BAC). Higher levels are punished more severely and it is important to have lawyers who understand these differences.


Our firm tailors our defense to the details of your case and will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and any breath or field sobriety tests. If we determine that your rights were violated when the police officer stopped you or administered the field sobriety test, we can potentially get the charges dropped or the evidence suppressed.


We can help you avoid harsh punishments for driving while intoxicated by utilizing alternative sentencing programs offered through the Berks County Treatment Court.

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